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Friends, – a leader in mobile CRM – is growing and I'm hiring for multiple positions for our Paris & Lyon, France ?? offices.

Help/referrers are greatly appreciated.

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Context: What’s Batch?

Batch is in the business of optimizing the communication experience on the most important screen of all — smartphones.

On one hand, we're building Batch PUSH, a high-throughput, high-availability notifications delivery platform that's notably used by dozens of media companies across Europe to power their mobile breaking news.

Our Cassandra/Kafka-based delivery platform is probably the market's fastest.

Because no one likes late news.

On the other hand, we're building Batch CRM, a 1:1, targeted and automated mobile interactions platform that lets brands & retailers know and personally interact with every one of their mobile customers along the proverbial consumer journey, using push notifications, in-app push & web push.

Are you still receiving push notifications on your phone that seem untargeted?

We're fixing this.

As a side project, we're also building Batch INSIGHTS, the world's only push notifications search engine ( – But that's a bit of a different story.

One customer at a time, Batch is becoming the cloud marketing platform for the mobile era in a space where large players struggle to get their mobile DNA right, struggle with the required technologies (that are very different from those of the email era), and struggle with Apple/Google's super-fast cycles of innovation.

Just this week for example, Microsoft discontinued its Azure Mobile Engagement offering.

That's a year after Facebook discontinued Parse.

Do you see a pattern here?

More than ever our space looks like a place where customers of all sizes get the best technology, best service and overtime reliability when working with small and very focused players like us.

By joining Batch you’d be diving in some of the most exciting space in the tech industry today: big data, mobile, personalization, automation.

You’d also be joining a team of industry veterans with unparalleled experience building for mobile.

We may be based in France – Paris & near the Swiss Alps – but folks at Batch are regularly approached for jobs at Google and Facebook (guys seriously, stop trying to poach our folks!) because of their product, engineering & overall mobile expertise.

So it’s a great opportunity for you to learn alongside some very knowledgeable people.

With a very experienced team in place we’re not afraid to hire and train young talents demonstrating strong leadership and superior craftsmanship skills.

We’re looking for digital-nativeness, engineering skills, personal projects and curiosity more than resume’s logos and years of experience.

Know anyone interested in the positions below?

Mobile Engineer [Lyon, 35-50K€] – We’re hiring one (1) very talented mobile engineer to work closely with our Head of Engineering and Mobile Lead to bring our SDK to the next level. The Batch SDK sees around 70M uniques each months and has passed the 600M global installs mark earlier this year. It’s a bit of a beast (symbolically speaking, otherwise it’s very light the AAR file is 400Kb on Android, the framework is 18mb on iOS with 5 slices (armv7 armv7s i386 x86_64 arm64) + bitcode – so it's way thinner once integrated in your app – and our web push SDK is 82Kb but no more than 15kb once gziped) but we hope you'll enjoy building a product that’s used by thousands of apps and hundreds of millions of users.

Technical Account Manager [Paris, 35-50K€] — We’re hiring for a least two (2) TAM positions. TAMs are responsible for the entire customer lifecycle, from assisting the sales team into winning new accounts by demonstrating outstanding technical capacity at the sales pitch-level, to supervising technical on-boarding and customer training. TAMs are basically product experts dedicated to customer success: they must know mobile, CRM & Batch inside-out, and know their customers needs better than they do themselves. Deep technical know-how is particularly critical for this role.

Product Manager [Paris, 35-50K€] — We’re hiring one (1) phenomenal PM to work closely with one of our co-founders and take our technological platform to the next level. You must not fear to dive into the complexities of huge databases, APIs, SDKs, dashboards and an ever-growing list of consumer-facing features with one simple job of keeping user touch points simple and delightful. Must love math, design and HMI challenges.

Product Designer [Paris, 35-50K€] — We’re hiring one (1) amazing designer to bring our brand and consumer-facing dashboard to the next level. We're looking for someone who made the hard choice to design not fancy apps for Millenials but action-oriented interfaces for businesses. The challenge is high but it’s by choosing the hard way that one becomes really great, isn’t it?

Business Developer [Paris, up to 100K€ w/ OTE] – We’re hiring at least three (3) business developers to expand our ever-growing list of 5,000 apps and 250 Enterprise customers using our platform on all 5 continents. English fluency and a hunger to help businesses make the most out of their mobile assets is required.

Product Marketer [Paris, Internship, 900€/monthly] – We're looking for a marketer to work closely with me in accelerating our content marketing strategy. We're looking for a bit of a generalist with immense curiosity for all things tech, outstanding communication skills and a passion for content creation, virality techniques, SEO hacks & social media analytics.

Finance Assistant [Paris, Internship, 900€/monthly] – We're looking for an excel freak to work with our CFO, liaise between our sales <> finance, and take over multiple reporting tasks. Could be great training grounds for a future start-up CFO.

We’re also open to spontaneous applications and internships in marketing, operations, sales, technical account management, engineering, ops, front-end and back-end development areas.

If you have an itch to work in mobile and if you think Batch could be the right place for you to make a difference, please find a way to blow our mind and reach out to me directly.

How? Easy:

We have a very open platform that’s easy to explore and is always open for improvement suggestions. Start by creating an account and see what you can do with it? Ask us and we’ll send you API tokens and weeks of free trial to experiment. You may also check out what we've open sourced on Github.

Last month we brought in an intern who built a « Quick push » Chrome plug-in using one of our APIs, and walked out of his first interview meeting with a job offer.

Happy to pass over formal job specs in both french and english for all those roles.

Simon & The Batch team

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