We're hiring a Product Specialist


TL;DR: We’re looking for a talented tech/biz generalist doer based in Paris, ?? to work closely with our CTO, take over a great variety of product-related roles (engineering background is preferred) and help our Sales team close key deals.

Hello friend.

We're looking for an enthusiastic, business-driven and tech-savvy Product Specialist to join our small and fast-growing team in Paris.

You will work on the Batch (batch.com) platform. Batch is the notifications infrastructure for successful mobile apps (more than 2,000) – and even though we consider it a by-product, you will also work on Insights (batch.com/insights). Insights is a one-of-a-kind search engine for push notifications.

You will work directly with our co-founder and CTO (a pretty die-hard, self-taught programmer and product designer – you can learn more about the man here: @guenard) and participate in all aspects of product development, but also sales.

Let me elaborate:

  • You will participate in the entire the product development cycles, from spec to design, development, release, Q/A and marketing. We're extremely agile in that area so don't expect formal processes but expect to adapt a lot and take on a a lot of responsibilities.

  • You will jump on product demos all the time, over the phone, Skype or in-person. Indie developers, start-ups but also publicly-traded companies use Batch so here again, expect to adapt a lot. We'll look for someone with great empathy, curiosity and broad industry knowledge.

  • You will accompany our Sales team into the preliminary phases of their sales pitches. Clients will grill you on all aspects of the product and you will regularly face CMOs and CTOs alike, sitting with you in meeting room, asking you why they should chose your product over someone else's.

  • You will assists existing clients by keeping in touch with them on a regular basis, learning about their progresses, troubleshooting potential problems and coming up with creative ideas for them to use Batch.

  • Your greater mission will be to understand and synthesize the needs of our clients: translate them into simple concepts, concepts into words, words into tutorials, baselines, UI, funnel/dashboard tweaks and improvements to our documentation. Your mission will be to make the complex look more simple, and create efficient automation processes to let Batch on-board more and more developers seamlessly.

Obviously you're a doer. A data & analytics fanatic. A product lover. You like to talk to people over the phone and go meet your clients in person. You like innovation and building products that are solving complex problems.

Ultimately you're completely fluent in english and switch from one language to the other without thinking about it. We may be based in Paris but won't be able to compromise on that.

Now you're probably asking about the perks? Well, friend, they're the start-ups' regulars: blood, sweat & tears, free snacks, fast-paced environment and a lot of room to grow, learn & experiment.

Study carefully what we've been building (starting here and here, maybe). If you're interested, shoot us an email with your resume, motivations and a good story about yourself. We like good stories.


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